Cryogenic air separation units

Cryogenic air separation units are designed for production of oxygen, nitrogen and argon, as well as rare gases: neon, xenon, krypton, helium.

Cryogenic air separation units are widely used in various fields of activity. The scope of their application covers such sectors of industry as:

  • machine building;
  • metal working;
  • metallurgy;
  • glass industry;
  • chemistry;
  • oil and gas extraction;
  • oil refining;
  • electronics and instrument making;
  • power engineering;
  • food industry;
  • medical industry.
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The principle of operation is based on air separation by means of low temperature rectification. This method is based on the boiling temperature difference for the air components and on the difference of the contents of the balanced liquid and steam mixtures.

The units are constructed on the basis of effective production cycles, which not only ensure high energy efficiency of the equipment, but also allow to implement different operating modes within one and the same installation, as well as to perform high-range modes control. Thus, the units can be adapted to a particular industrial environment, taking into account its features and Customer’s requirements.

Advantages of cryogenic air separation units:

  • high capacity;
  • possibility to obtain gas in two states – liquid and gaseous;
  • possibility to obtain several products of air separation at  the same time О2+N2O2+Ar, О2+N2+Ar;
  • production of air gases with extremely low impurity content (extra pure products);
  • continuous operation period – up to two years;
  • high equipment reliability. Guaranteed long lifespan up to twenty-five years.

Air separation plants are supplied as complete systems, including peripheral equipment, in particular, a complete set of gas analyzers, including a CO2 analyzer, as a mandatory and integral element of the safety loop. And also external filters and silencers.

In accordance with the requirements of a number of industries for continuity and reliability of the cycle, major components of the installation (cleaning unit heater, turbo- expander/compressor) are reserved. Backup equipment is included in the scope of supply and is installed in the plant along with the main equipment.

Capacity 70 000 nm³/h (oxygen); 20 000 nm³/h (nitrogen); up to 2 500 nm³/h (argon)
Purity 99.6 % (oxygen), from 95 to 99.999 % (nitrogen, argon)
Pressure in accordance with Customer’s requirements
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