Stainless steel changeover valves

Cryogenic stainless steel changeover valves are installed in cases where there may occur a necessity to switch off one safety valve and at the same time to connect another one without process interruption in order to change medium flow direction or mix the mediums.

Designed for air separation products, vapors and cryogenic liquefied gases including liquefied natural gas.

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Available options – on request only:

  • changeover valves with pneumatic or electric actuator;
  • outlet with flanges;
  • with other threads to connect a vessel or a safety valve.


Оperating temperature range from - 196 ºС to + 185 ºС
Сonnection dimensions DN 15, DN 25
Materials stainless steel
Сonnection thread, flange
Operating pressure to 160 bar
Installed length 325 mm, 390 mm, 415 mm
Height from 130 to 200 mm
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