Pressure regulators ADR 150

Dome pressure regulators ADR 150 for acetylene is used to reduce high pressure to working pressure in acetylene. Given the high regulating accuracy and flow specifications, it is suitable for all applications with high pressure requirements.

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Dome pressure regulator ADR 150 consists of a pilot pressure regulator (pilot gas = shielding or inert gas) in combination with a dome loaded pressure regulator and a relief valve. The required pipeline pressure is adjusted by the pilot pressure regulator to a maximum of 1.5 bar (2 bar available on request).


  • extremely low pressure drops (Δp) provide optimal draining of the manifold or bundle > see dynamic expansion curve;
  • the only one in the world with:
    - 50 m3/h flow capacity; 
    - extremely stable outlet pressure;
  • integrated relief valve, pilot pressure regulator with pressure gauge and outlet pressure gauge.


Maximum inlet pressure up to 25 bar
Maximum inlet pressure up to 1.5 bar (2 bar available on request)
Nominal gas flow capacity at 0.6 bar outlet pressure 96 m³/h; at 1.5 bar outlet pressure 150 m³/h
Inlet connection M 36 x 2, solderless pipe coupler, drill hole form W - heavy series S DN 25 - DIN 3861
Outlet connection flange, DN 50 - PN 40, DIN 2656
Materials brass, stainless steel, steel, elastomer
Weight 25 kg
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