Complex industrial installations

Pressure regulators can be easily integrated into your system, or indeed planned, constructed and installed as a complete solution. According to the customer's requirements, the individual components are specified, safety elements are integrated and the whole system is then installed.

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Individual construction and installation per customer requirements

  • planning and installation by specialist;
  • free of oil and grease;
  • suitable for oxygen;
  • tested and ready to use.

Example of a parallel construction


  • 4 ball valves stainless steel DN 50/PN 40;
  • 2 dome pressure regulators 757 LE;
  • manifold DN 50;
  • counter-flange
  • TÜV-testing, CE labeling
  • installation on welded mounting frame.

Please ask one of our specialist for a solution specific to your application.

Gas type technical gases, aggressive gases (e. g. chlorine), corrosive gases (e. g. biogas)
Inlet pressure up to 300 бар
Operating pressure from 0.5 to 45 bar
Materials brass, stainless steel, aluminum
Wall bracket on order
Filter to increase the service life on order
All models are also in turn-key version (on order: with impulse system, manometers, fittings and check valve)
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