Pressure regulators 757 LE

Dome pressure regulators 757 LE are designed for gas pipelines and other gas supply systems. Constant operating pressure, irrespective of fluctuations in the volume of gas offtake, ensures stable gas concentration and reliability of the production process. Apart from that, the use of dome-loaded pressure regulators is recommended for systems with high gas flow rate at minor pressure difference.

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The dome pressure regulator 757 LE works in conjunction with a pilot pressure regulator (or proportional pressure control valve), through which the required operating (outlet) pressure is adjusted. Both regulated (working) gas and extraneous gas can be used to feed the pilot pressure regulator.


  • pilot pressure control for max. constancy of the outlet pressure;
  • high pressure stability, irrespective of gas offtake level;
  • suitable for almost all technical gases;
  • high accuracy of regulation;
  • high throughput;
  • balanced design (BSD) for accuracy of settings;
  • fully assembled, including manometer, pilot pressure regulator and fittings;
  • operating pressure can be changed - for example, with temperature fluctuations;
  • dynamic pressure regulation ensures constant operating pressure
  • no pilot gas leakage – closed system;
  • manometers (optionally) made of stainless steel and/or filled with glycerin;
  • indoors or outdoors installation;
  • brackets for wall mounting;
  • simple installation and dismantling;
  • inlet/outlet fittings with flanged connections DN 50, PN 40, DIN 2656 with a sealing ring 64 x 3 mm.


  • setting by means of a proportional valve;
  • possible setting by means of an extraneous gas (optionally);
  • bracket for wall mounting;
  • filter.
Maximum inlet pressure up to 25 bar (carbon dioxide), up to 30 bar (oxygen), up to 40 (оther gases)
Maximum impulse pressure up to 30 bar
Outlet pressure from 0,5 to 30 bar
Kv-value 15
Inlet G 2 IG
Outlet G 2 IG
Materials brass, stainless steel
Weight 14 kg (brass), 13 kg (stainless steel)
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