Gas mixer BM-2M

BM-2M Gas mixer for 2 gases designed for direct cylinder connection (high pressure).

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  • no more components required e.g. pressure control – for low costs;
  • compact design;
  • easy to install;
  • protection of downstream equipment using 2 integrated blow-off valves to protect against dangerous overpressures.

Easy operation:

  • proportional mixing valve with a control knob and %-scale provides infinitely variable mixture settings;
  • infinitely variable flow setting with scaled adjustment knob (BM-2M).

High process reliability:

  • independent of pressure fluctuations in the gas supply owing to integrated pressure regulator;
  • irregardless of withdrawal fluctuations (in permitted range).


CO2 /Ar, CO2 /N2 , He/Ar, He/N2 , N2 /Ar not for O2 and flammable gases.

Capacity up to approx. 111 nl/min
Scale division from 0 to 25 % or from 0 to 100 %
Inlet pressure from 3 to 200 bar
Outlet pressure to 8 bar
Weight 3,5 kg
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