Gas mixer MG-2 FIX/FLEX

Gas mixer MG-2 FIX/FLEX for 2 defined gases, designed for variable processes with a mixing range from 5-92%. 

FIX: factory setting.

FLEX: adjustable, for 2-component gas mixtures. Using a new mixing technology, no receiver is required.

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  • high mixing accuracy;
  • cost-saving (no need to stock multiple pre-mixes);
  • does not require receiver (cost- and space-saving);
  • inlet gas filters protect the device against impurities;
  • pneumatic operating principle, no electrical connections required;
  • mixed gas production from 8 l/min to the max. flow;
  • robust, compact design;
  • panel for wall mounting;
  • minimal maintenance required.

Easy operation:

  • blends are factory set and tamper proof (FIX);
  • a mixing valve with a control knob and %-scale provides infinitely variable mixture settings (FLEX).

High process reliability:

  • independent of pressure fluctuations in the gas supply;
  • independent of withdrawal fluctuations (in permitted range);
  • fail-safe design (unit shuts down on failure of either gas supply);
  • lockable to prevent tampering (FLEX).


  • alarm module NXT+: integrated inlet pressure monitoring with digital display for pressure (with analog pressure transmitters) plus optical alarm, adjustable alarm limits, obligation of  acknowledgement, protection of alarms, interfaces for controlling external alarms etc. 


N2, CO2, Ar or others as well as their mixtures; not for flammable gases.

MG 25 capacity range up to approx. 22 nm3/h
MG 45 capacity range up to approx. 46 nm3/h
MG 75 capacity range up to approx. 68 nm3/h
MG 95 capacity range up to approx. 90 nm3/h
MG 125 capacity range up to approx. 135 nm3/h
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