Cogeneration units

Cogeneration is simultaneous production of electric and thermal energy.

In the process of primary electrical energy production, the heat generated by is recovered through heat exchangers. This thermal energy is used for heating of process cycles or district heating.

Natural gas, biogas (t.i, the gas produced from decomposed domestic garbage), associated petroleum gas, propane-butane mixture, coke oven gas, mine gas and other can be used as fuel.

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Main distinguishing feature of each cogeneration plant is the type of a power unit used. The following 2 types of units are the most widespread at the moment: gas turbine and gas piston power plants. As a rule, the choice depends on a variety of factors, such as customer’s requirements, the location of the installation, technical capabilities to create a heat takeoff system, and so on.


Advantages of cogeneration plants:


  • increasedefficiency of fuel utilization due to higher efficiency;
  • reduction of harmful emissions into the atmosphere compared to the independent production of heat and electricity;
  • reduction of electricity transmission costs due to location of cogeneration plants in places of thermal and electric energy consumption - almost no losses in networks;
  • possibility to operate with biofuel and other alternative fuels;
  • noiselessness and ecological compatibility of the equipment;
  • meeting own needs of a boiler house in electricity.

As practice shows, it is advisable to connect to large power systems when using such installations. This is beneficial both to the energy company itself and to the owner of the installation: the first receives additional cheap electricity that can be sold to end users at affordable rates and the owner, through the operation of the installation in a continuous load cycle, is able to repay expenditures for its installation and operation during the first three to four years of use.

Thus, as of today cogeneration plants are an excellent alternative to large energy networks, which are often simply unable to provide uninterrupted supply of electricity and heat to a consumer. And a number of economic advantages, together with the availability of cogenerators, makes these units almost ideal for providing energy for almost any object: from residential complexes to factory premises.

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