Air cooling units

Air cooling units are mainly used where application of other cooling systems is not technically possible or economically feasible. They are designed for cooling and condensation of gaseous, vaporous and liquid media in oil refining, petrochemical and related industries.

Large industrial enterprises of various industries that are located far from natural sources of water need to cool technological fluids, vapors and gases. For these purposes, special heat exchange units are used – air cooling units. Depending on the purpose, air coolers are divided into condensers, gas coolers, liquid coolers, oil coolers.

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There are two versions of air cooling units: with natural air convection through a heat exchanger and with forced air circulation carried out with a help of fans.

Air cooling units with forced air circulation are more widely used, as their efficiency is much higher.

Heat exchangers with natural convection are used in special cases, where technological processes require small air velocities, for example in some types of refrigerating chambers.

Depending on the location of the heat exchange section air cooling units are divided into the following types:

  • horizontal;
  • vertical;
  • V-shaped;
  • zigzag-shaped.

The type of medium to be cooled and its pressure are the key factors for selection of tubes material for air cooling units.

Tubes can be made of carbon and alloy steel, stainless steel, copper, aluminum, titanium and their alloys.

Fins are made of carbon steel, copper, aluminum and their alloys.

Air cooling units that are installed in areas with exposure to corrosive environments (sea and humid climate, industrial areas) need additional surface protection. Various coatings of fins (lamellas) or heat exchange sections in general are used for this.

High pressures of cooled media require increased attention to the quality of tube joints. To connect steel pipes, high-precision welding is used, copper pipes are connected by soldering.

Pressure up to 400 bar
Temperature up to 600 °C
Dimensions with no parti cular boundary
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