Ambient air heated vaporizers

Ambient vaporizers are designed for gasification of liquid cryogenic products (liquefied natural gas, nitrogen, argon, oxygen, carbon dioxide) by means of heat exchange. Vaporizer represents the most cost effective equipment to vaporize or re-gasify liquid gases.

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It is a simple heat exchanger, which vaporizes liquefied gases by using heat which is absorbed from the ambient air. Due to this simple principle of operation, such vaporizer does not require external power.

Vaporizer consists of a big number of separate multi-finned extruded elements used for heat transfer, which can be connected in parallel and in series in order to satisfy specific needs.

After passing through a vaporizer gas is supplied to a consumer process line, vessel or cylinder filling.

Capacity from 70 to 10 000 nm³/h
Operating pressure from 10 to 420 bar
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