Gas heaters

Gas heaters are used to obtain positive gas temperatures at the outlet with automatic maintenance of set temperature mode during complicated chemical processes in laboratories and enterprises.

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Small capacity heaters are U-shaped, big capacity heaters are made as vertical vessel with coils submerged in water (e-heaters are placed inside the vessel).

All product heater coil bundles are mounted on rack and are easily retractable for maintenance.

As turbulence in the water is needed to guarantee heat transfer, one agitator is mounted on top of the vessel with 1.5 kW e-motor each. These units should always be in operation in order to have uniform water temperature and as such reliable temperature read out. 

Capacity up to 5000 nm³
Power consumption 75 kW at full capacity
Operating temperature range from - 196 °С to + 100 °С
Materials all coil bundles, vessel and conduits from stainless steel 304 L
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