Electrical heated vaporizers

Electrical heated vaporizers are designed for gasification of liquid cryogenic products (liquefied natural gas, nitrogen, argon, oxygen, carbon dioxide) by means of heat exchange. Electric vaporizers ensure safe and reliable vaporization of a wide variety of cryogenic liquids and at this have compact form.

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Special heating elements and coils embedded into aluminum alloys are used in this type of vaporizers. It takes a few seconds to start operation under aimed parameters for electrical heated vaporizers. All control instruments are protected against environmental effects with special casing.

Peculiar features:

  • controlled gas outlet temperature;
  • fully automatic operation;
  • compact design;
  • stainless steel body and support for more convenient operation;
  • set temperature limit for safety reasons;
  • complete package ready for installation;
  • heating efficiency – 98 % and more. 
Capacity from 10 to 30 000 nm³/h
Operating pressure up to 40 bar
Materials heat conducting tubing coils made of stainless steel are soldered in hard aluminium unit, electrical heaters are fixed in special heat absorber in the aluminium unit
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