Reciprocating cryogenic pumps MRP

Cryogenic pumps MRP are designed for cylindrical and buffer tanks filling under pressure of up to 420 bar. A PT 100 sensor is included in the standard scope to detect leaks.

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Peculiarities of MRP cryogenic pumps:

  1. Small mass of the suction chamber (faster/better cool down).
  2. Large suction chamber volume. 
  3. Direct degassing at the highest point of the cold end (further improved by a 45° slope of the discharge line).          
  4. Improved vacuum volume. 
  5. Suction valve optimized to reduce pressure drops.  
  6. Optimized design and position of the vacuum connection.
  7. Waved line on the cylinder to avoid stresses resulting from cold contraction (extends cylinder life).
  8. Increased number of piston rings for higher volumetric efficiency.  
  9. Optimized sealing and guidance of the monel piston.
  10. Open intermediate piece, no need for purge.
  11. Oil splash lubricated crank drive with autonomous lubricating system independent of rotating directions.

Each pump is mechanically and cryogenically tested prior to its delivery. Such tests ensure the greatest productivity, which meets customer’s requirements.

Thanks to the precise diagnosis of measuring devices, necessary results are achieved:

  • differential pressure;
  • flow velocity;
  • tightness;
  • pump efficiency;
  • the height of the liquid column above the suction port of the pump;
  • noise and vibration levels.

Optional equipment:

  • PT 100 sensor for monitoring the temperature of the crank mechanism;
  • gland heater (used in case of equipment operation at low temperatures for more than three hours);
  • PT 100 sensor on the vapor return line gives a signal to control the cooling process;
  • purging of the motion mechanism.

Applications cylinder and buffer tank filling
Liquids pumped oxygen, nitrogen, argon, hydrogen, carbon dioxide, liquefied natural gas (LNG), nitrous oxide
Drive type oil or grease lubricated crank drive
Design pressure MRP 40/40, 40/55: up to 420 bar; (hydrogen: up to 500 bar)
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