Reciprocating creogenic pumps LXR 1000

Reciprocating cryogenic pumps LXR are designed for cylindrical and buffer tanks filling under pressure of up to 565 bar. The pump can be equipped with a fully automated control system. Standard scope of supply includes protection against overload and interruption of power supply.

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Peculiarities of LXR 1000 cryogenic pumps:

  1. Cold end, drive and TEFC motor mounted on a painted steel base; 
  2. Belt drive and guard;
  3. Discharge line, surge chamber and high pressure relief valve;
  4. Motor starter, disconnect, circuit breaker and overload protection;
  5. 115 V control circuit transformer;
  6. High pressure combination switch/gauge.

Each pump is mechanically and cryogenically tested prior to its delivery. Such tests ensure the greatest productivity, which meets Customer’s requirements.

Thanks to the precise diagnosis of measuring devices, necessary results are achieved:

  • differential pressure;
  • flow velocity;
  • tightness;
  • pump efficiency;
  • the height of the liquid column above the suction port of the pump;
  • noise and vibration levels.

Optional equipment:

  • device for evacuation;
  • general automatic control and valves;
  • "duplex" and "triplex" configuration;
  • pre-valve of the ASME standard;
  • motor control or hydraulic drive;
  • fully automated control system.
Applications сylinder and buffer tank filling
Liquids pumped oxygen, nitrogen, argon, liquefied natural gas (LNG)
Drive type belt drive
Design pressure up to 565 bar
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