Reciprocating cryogenic pumps PD 3000

Reciprocating cryogenic pumps PD 3000 for cylinder and buffet tank filling under up to 414 bar.

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Peculiarities of PD 3000 cryogenic pumps:

  1. Operate at slower speeds than competitive pumps.
  2. Heavier, moisture-sealed drive-end bearing.
  3. All bearings are retained in split/bolted housing for easy replacement.
  4. Replaceable crosshead wear band eliminates excessive wear and frequent replacement of crosshead piston.
  5. Wear band can be changed quickly and easily. Longer connecting rod for reduced crosshead loading.
  6. Self-adjusting, spring-energized pushrod shaft seal contained in simple cartridge housing for easy replacement through hand-access opening.
  7. Superinsulated vacuum sump.

Each pump is mechanically and cryogenically tested prior to its delivery. Such tests ensure the greatest productivity, which meets Customer’s requirements.

Thanks to the precise diagnosis of measuring devices, necessary results are achieved:

  • differential pressure;
  • flow velocity;
  • tightness;
  • pump efficiency;
  • the height of the liquid column above the suction port of the pump;
  • noise and vibration levels.
Applications cylinder and buffer tank filling
Liquids pumped оxygen, nitrogen, argon, hydrogen, carbon dioxide, liquefied natural gas (LNG), nitrous oxide
Drive type grease lubricated crank drive
Design pressure up to 414 bar
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