Centrifugal cryogenic pumps VS

Cryogenic pumps VS are used for liquid cryogenic products pumping under a pressure of up to 25 bar. Special feature of this model - the rotor of the electric motor and impeller are located on one shaft and placed in a sealed housing.

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Peculiarities of VS cryogenic pumps:

  1. Hermetically encapsulated pump which does not require a shaft seal.
  2. High hydraulic efficiency closed impeller.
  3. Helical inducer allowing low required NPSH.
  4. Special submerged electric motor cooled by the pumped fluid.
  5. Motor bearings lubricated by the process fluid resulting in a "zero-maintenance" design.
  6. Low noise level.
Applications filling of stationary vessels, road tankers
Liquids pumped сarbon dioxide, liquefied natural gas (LNG), hydrogen, nitrous oxide
Drive type direct
Design pressure up to 25 bar
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