Centrifugal cryogenic pumps MCP

New generation modular centrifugal pumps MCP completely meets all modern requirements for liquefaction processes applied in air separation units. Provides high reliability and low operating costs.

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Peculiarities of MCP cryogenic pumps:

  1. High hydraulic efficiency.
  2. Designed for liquefied gas flow from 50 to 44.000 l/min under a pressure of up to 20 bar.
  3. Vertical or horizontal arrangement.
  4. Can be operated both in continuous and in intermittent-duty service.
  5. Electric motor with radial thrust bearing.
  6. Modular design ensures simplicity and efficiency of maintenance with parts interchangeability.
  7. Designed taking into account optimal safety indexes when working with oxygen.
  8. Design, assembly, testing are carried out in accordance with all applicable design standards in the field of cryogenic equipment.

Auxiliary equipment:

  • set of spare parts for installation and commissioning;
  • seal gas control panel;
  • frequency control and soft start based electrical control panel;
  • repair kit for maintenance.
Applications air separation units
Liquids pumped oxygen, nitrogen, argon, carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, liquefied natural gas (LNG)
Design pressure up to 20 bar
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