Oxygen pressure regulator UNICONTROL

UNICONTROL oxygen pressure regulators are intended for installation on gas cylinders.

The composition includes two pressure gauges – for inlet and outlet pressure. The handle for setting the pressure is located at the front. At the outlet the regulators are equipped with a nipple for the connection of a hose or a polymer tube with an internal diameter of  8 - 10 mm.

Also, a compression fitting or a collet fitting can be supplied with the regulator to connect a stainless steel, copper or polymer pipelines of various diameters.

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Accuracy and economical efficiency

  • safe, reliable and cost efficient oxygen reducer;
  • significant gas savings and quick payback of the regulator;
  • high-precision flow control valve with built-in gas filter;
  • smooth adjustment of the handle allows precise, easy and quick setting of the required pressure.

Reliability and safety

  • guaranteed safety when working with the high pressure of 200 bar;
  • reliable and durable cast body made of high quality brass;
  • corrosion-resistant reducer casing cover, with zinc coating inside;
  • ergonomic and non-removable plastic handle makes the adjustment process convenient and safe;
  • non-adjustable safety valve provides passive protection. It is located at the back side of the regulator for better protection from damage;
  • angular position of the outlet connection to reduce the risk of the gas-feed hose damage;
  • ATEX casing coating - a special lacquer that protects from aggressive media influences, meets the requirements of the European directive for devices and protective systems intended for use in explosive environments;
  • the climatic version allows the regulator to be used in the temperature range from - 30 °C up to + 60 °C.
Gas oxygen
Inlet pressure 200 bar
Outlet pressure 10 bar
Gas flow rate 30 m³/h
Inlet connection G3/4"
Outlet connection G1/4"
Weight 1,4 kg
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