Acetylene pressure regulator DINCONTROL

Acetylene pressure regulators of DINCONTROL series are designed to reduce the pressure coming from the cylinder and automatically maintain the set operating pressure. The design of the reducer allows to provide high accuracy and efficiency of gas supply during flame machining.

The composition includes two pressure gauges – for inlet and outlet pressure. The handle for setting the pressure is located at the front. At the outlet the regulators are equipped with a nipple for the connection of a hose or a polymer tube with an internal diameter of  8 - 10 mm.

Also, a compression fitting or a collet fitting can be supplied with the regulator to connect a stainless steel, copper or polymer pipelines of various diameters.

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Accuracy and economical efficiency

  • safe, reliable and cost efficient acetylene reducer, for those who appreciate quality and truly want to protect themselves when working with combustible and highly flammable gas;
  • high accuracy of adjustment, maintenance of the set flow rate and operating pressure, in comparison with usual reducers;
  • significantly saves gas and recoups the cost of the reducer within a couple months’ use.

Reliability and safety

  • guaranteed safety when working with the high pressure of 200 bar;
  • reliable and durable cast body made of high quality brass;
  • corrosion-resistant reducer casing cover, with zinc coating inside;
  • additional vent (globe valve) with stainless steel ball valve device, which allows to suspend gas supply to the equipment during work breaks, leaving the regulator under pressure;
  • non-adjustable safety valve provides passive protection. It is located at the back side of the regulator for better protection from damage. Tested to impact;
  • angular position of the outlet connection to reduce the risk of the gas-feed hose damage;
  • ATEX casing coating - a special lacquer that protects from aggressive media influences, meets the requirements of the European directive for devices and protective systems intended for use in explosive environments;
  • the climatic version allows the regulator to be used in the temperature range from - 30 °C up to + 60 °C.
Gas acetylene
Inlet pressure 25 bar
Outlet pressure 1,5 bar
Gas flow rate 5 m³/h
Inlet connection clamp
Outlet connection G 3/8" LH
Weight 1,86 kg
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