Pressure regulators JETCONTROL pipeline

Pressure regulators JETCONTROL pipeline are meant for centralized feed of gas welding points with gas for various types of flame machining of metals: welding, cutting, soldering, gas-thermal spraying of coatings. The regulators are installed on gas cylinders, pipelines and valves with different types of thread, for different gases.

This type of pressure regulator is widely used in industrial processes that require accurate and permanent supply of high-pressure gases.

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Pressure regulators JETCONTROL pipeline are designed, tested and manufactured considering the maximum pressure of 300 bar.

The regulators are equipped with two inlet and outlet pressure gauges, a safety valve for the low pressure line. The pressure setting handle is located in front.

The regulators are also equipped with a brass nipple for the pipeline welding.

Safety assurance

Reliable design, the use of high-quality materials, strictly controlled production and testing procedures guarantee high operational safety even when working with such gases as helium or hydrogen at very high pressures.

Gas oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen, air, inert gases
Inlet pressure from 200 to 300 bar
Outlet pressure from 28 to 200 bar
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