UNICONTROL pressure regulators for argon and carbon dioxide

UNICONTROL pressure regulators for carbon dioxide and argon are designed to reduce and automatically maintain the set operating pressure. Equipped with an accurate gas flow regulator and a flow meter.

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Accuracy and economical efficiency

  • safe and reliable regulator for argon and carbon dioxide;
  • significant gas savings and quick payback of the regulator;
  • a float-type flow meter most accurately shows the gas flow rate. The rotameter has a double scale with calibration for argon and carbon dioxide;
  • if necessary, it is possible to install only one rotameter on the casing;
  • high-precision flow control valve with built-in gas filter;
  • smooth and precise adjustment of the gas supply by means of a measuring valve. For argon welding it is particularly necessary to control the gas flow rate depending on welding conditions.

Reliability and safety

  • guaranteed safety when working with the high pressure of 200 bar;
  • reliable and durable cast casing made of high quality brass;
  • corrosion-resistant reducer casing cover, with zinc coating inside;
  • rotameter allows visual control even of the slightest gas leakage;
  • non-adjustable safety valve provides passive protection. It is located at the back side of the regulator for better protection from damage. Tested to impact and has a capacity benefit margin;
  • angular position of the outlet connection to reduce the risk of the gas-feed hose damage;
  • ATEX casing coating - a special lacquer that protects from aggressive media influences, meets the requirements of the European directive for devices and protective systems intended for use in explosive environments;
  • the climatic version allows the regulator to be used in the temperature range from - 30 °C up to + 60 °C.
Gas argon, carbon dioxide
Inlet pressure 200 bar
Gas flow rate from 3 to 30 l/min
Inlet connection G 3/4"
Outlet connection G 3/8"
Weight 1,63 kg
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